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Neo Automation, based in Gujarat, is a leading name in assembly solutions, offering industrial productivity solutions like air pipelines and advanced tools. They also are a dealer for our esteemed client, Atlas Copco Vacuum Technology.


Create environment branding that feels like a part of the space, and reflects core values and intent of Neo Automation. The designs aimed to create an inviting environment and space also aligning with brand message and values.


The project included deliverables like wall posters, sandwich boards and a wall design that depicted the journey of Neo Automation. Creating a uniform creative display yet with subtle distinctness that served each deliverables unique goal was an interesting challenge.


We discussed client perspective and expectations at length. All our meetings were held online. Despite the distance and online meetings, our pace of work and style complimented with the client view. After drafts and further assessments, we infused creative nodes in every design that elevated the deliverables as a whole. For the wall space – clients wanted us to depict their growth journey – creatively yet with something that captivates with information and highlights their ascend till date. We included them flawlessly in our design to create a seamless and striking wall design. The sandwich standees and posters were designed aligned as one creative idea, so everything looked like a part of one design – yet stood out with its distinctive creative edge!

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The client was impressed and we were thrilled to have completed the project in time, and exceeding client expectations! Every design blended in harmony with the brand vision and truly enhanced Neo Automation’s office space.

Creative Team

Tejas Jakkan - Art Director
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