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HYT Engineering Pvt Ltd., are leaders in manufacturing drilling machines and lathes. A technology-driven company; they have produced over 900 machines adhering to international standards. HYT's Wheel Lathes are responsible for turning 99% of the rolling stock in the Indian Railways. Known for their design excellence and customer-centric approach, HYT provides turnkey solutions from design to after-sales maintenance, making them a dominant player in the infrastructure industry.


Our goal was to capture high-quality photographs and videos of the client's industrial product – Underfloor Wheel Lathe, showcasing fine details and reflecting the international brand standards. We aimed to create visuals that resonate with the company's image and ethos, capturing the essence of their products with meticulous attention to detail.


Client approached us with a project of shooting videos and capturing photos of their Underfloor Wheel Lathe product. The primary challenge was flying a drone inside the workshop and determining photography and videography limitations. We had to cover and optimally capture a space of 1300 sq. ft. with industrial products. This sure was a unique and challenging task. We had planned the shoot carefully and with active communication as we were shooting on a weekend, which was rare.


We visited the client beforehand to understand their requirements. On the shoot day, we divided responsibilities among our team members. A dedicated technical expert managed lights and camera, while our art director and photographer coordinated with the drone pilot. The shoot required a lot of preparation. However, the client's active involvement really helped us. They prepped the location by covering the background. Despite the weekend schedule, we planned the shoot schedule well, with active internal coordination. It went smoothly, resulting in successful completion with desired output.


The shoot was wrapped with success, with some stunning visuals. The client expressed great satisfaction and delight with the outcome, recognizing the visuals as a valuable asset for their branding and marketing collaterals.

Creative Team

Tejas Jakkan -Direction and photography
Aditya Mane - Videographer
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