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TATA BlueScope


TATA BlueScope is a leading manufacturer of premium steel products and building solutions in India. Known for their commitment to innovation and excellence, they have a full spectrum of products used in a wide range of industries, like infrastructure, construction, etc.




To create branding that would be effective even in motion. To create captivating designs that would instantly engage and intrigue the audience and also deliver product information, as the transport buses moved through the city.


Our client presented us with an exciting branding opportunity of brand designing for transport buses in Solapur city with their products. While we had previously collaborated on various projects, this was our first venture into bus branding, which brought both enthusiasm and challenges. The task involved creating captivating moving billboards that would instantly grab the attention of the audience, even as the buses were in motion. We needed to deliver branding that resonated with the viewers while ensuring that our designs intrigued them despite the constant movement. It was a thrilling challenge and we took upon it with bigger excitement!


Branding is our forte – but bus branding for promoting Durashine – roofing solutions from Tata BlueScope was a first. The moving billboard was designed to capture wide range of product USP’s like colors, style, quality, affordability and durability. After a brief with the client, we focused on creating attractive design that would catch the eye, copy that was concise and just enough to communicate and engage while the branding was in motion.

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Our branding cruised the town of Solapur with creative vibrancy and head turning visuals. The client appreciated every aspect of it!

Creative Team

Tejas Jakkan - Art Director
Sayali Dangat - Brand Manager
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