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Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique, is a division of the Atlas Copco Group, specializes in providing vacuum products, exhaust management systems, and valves. With a global service network, it caters to various industries, including semiconductors, scientific, etc., with prime focus on sustainable innovations for enhanced customer performance.


The inspirational video was to be made for Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique dealers in Kerela. It was proposed to create more energy, excitement, and motivation to dealers, highlighting – ‘To achieve something different, we have to do something different.’ The theme was breaking barriers and using it as the essence of every design aspect of video, was our prime focus.


Create a video with the theme – ‘breaking barriers.’ Make it inspiring, motivating, and full of zeal. Include elements that can easily relate and give clear message. Make it spectacular – that elevates the entire event.


After initial thorough discussion, we decided to blend in traditional sports and culture of Kerela in the video design, to deliver our message. Since it was to be built around the theme of breaking barriers – we decided to include content, visuals that reflected this essence. First the script was finalized – we gave them 3 options, and one approach was selected. Once the script was final – we started working on design elements. We choose captivating videos of traditional heritage sports of Kerela like the ‘Kalaripayattu’, and ‘Vallam Kali’ – the Kerela boat race, and heritage dance forms like ‘Kathakali’. We infused them with captivating content and captions. The visual, audio and content were blended to make a fine video. A piece of art that captures Kerela in its grandeur, motivates the audience and brings a power packed effect throughout the video.

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What a fantastic video it was – loved and highly appreciated by the client. It was a huge success and elevated the event with an indescribable high energy!

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