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video marketing tips and tricks
Video Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Brand in 2022

Back in 2019, the average person spent around 84 minutes per day watching online videos. It was predicted that by 2022, this time would increase to 100 minutes per day. But the prediction was before the pandemic and today; most of us may be spending two hours or more watching videos online.

With more than 88% of marketers reporting getting a positive ROI from videos, you can’t afford to miss this medium in 2022. Video ad spending is expected to grow to $14.89 billion in 2022 as per a study by eMarketer. When one-third of shoppers are purchasing something after seeing a video ad, the influence of videos on buying decisions can’t be denied!

If you’ve never done video marketing before but the new normal calls for it, don’t worry. We bring you all the tips and tricks to help you maximize your video-making efforts. Right from the content strategy to the final video production, editing, and sharing, SenseBite is a pro at video marketing!

What Has Led to the Buzz of Video Marketing?

In the world of social media where we get so many digital messages, seeing a human face and listening to them talk can be extremely personal. And personalized marketing increases conversion by 202%! People tend to find videos authentic and it translates into a higher trust level for the brand. Imagine if you saw a post with just content talking about the features of a product vs a video that shows you exactly how it works in a real household. Wouldn’t you be impressed with the latter?

Plus, videos can be created in different formats and shared and re-shared on multiple platforms across timelines. Higher quality video, simple ideas, great execution, powerful messages, heart-warming images, and more contribute to making videos a huge success online.

Types of Videos:

Unsure about what kind of video will work for your brand? We can assist you with multiple video strategies and types and bring you the best ideas to get started!

  • Explainer videos for products or services
  • Vlogs or live videos
  • Product reviews/unboxing videos
  • Demos for product usage
  • Video ads
  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Offer videos

Before You Begin:

While it may seem tempting to get started on videos and maximize the magic of digital marketing, it needs a fair amount of strategy and planning to get your video marketing right. Questions to ask yourself before you begin:

  • What is the objective of creating the videos?
  • How do they fit into your complete marketing strategy?
  • How does the video fit into your buyer’s journey of decision-making?
  • What is the call to action you want to send through the videos?
  • How and when will you be sharing the videos online?
  • What is the buyer persona you want to target?
  • What are the expected results?

What is the Ideal Video Length for Social Video Marketing?

Most businesses are unaware of the right length of videos, especially for marketing purposes. While it can help to have a single video and post it everywhere, it’s better if you appreciate the length of different mediums and edit your videos accordingly. Social video marketing plays a major role in selling your product or service online – 73% of users who watch a video tend to purchase the related products!

Here are the ideal lengths for social videos:

  • YouTube – 2 minutes
  • Facebook – 1 minute
  • Twitter – 45 seconds
  • Instagram – 30 seconds

Tips for Sharing your Videos Online:

  • Ensure your videos are mobile-friendly as most people watch videos on their smartphones. Your videos must be fully visible across a spectrum of devices
  • Optimize your videos as per SEO and ensure they are ideal for the platform you upload them on
  • If you’re uploading on YouTube, make sure it is in the form of an organized library
  • Make sure you conduct A/B testing on your videos to see what time they get seen the most and when the engagement is highest
  • Include multiple types of content in your videos
  • Visuals are highly effective, especially on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram so use visual design wisely
  • Use a few hashtags and write interesting manually developed captions
  • Animated videos can work wonders on digital platforms as they are appealing and intriguing to look at – include at least a few animated videos in your online strategy

SenseBite’s Top 7 Tips & Tricks

  1. We always make videos that are focused on your consumers
  2. We specialize in live and vertical videos, ensuring that we can hold the audience’s attention right till the end
  3. We keep things short and simple. And silent, too! A number of viewers see videos silently when they scroll through the feed. Our sub-titles and silent videos are truly worth the view!
  4. All our videos are SEO-friendly and optimized for various search engines
  5. Our videos can offer multiple benefits – from brand awareness to recall, increasing product sales, communicating new offers to building brand loyalty.
  6. We focus on local video marketing for small-scale businesses and nurture repeat customers within your locality
  7. Corporate videos are one of our specialties as we have many industrial and manufacturing clients for whom we create highly professional corporate videos

If you’re looking for the best video marketing agency in Pune, SenseBite is ready for you! We have some innovative video marketing strategies, ready to deploy on all your social channels! These include audience and competitor research, innovative shoots, brand consistency, relationship building videos, storytelling, timelines, and more. We only use high-quality and edgy equipment along with our crazy talented team to deliver outstanding results.

Visit www.sensebite.in or call +91 9850314030 to get started on videos that go viral.

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