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Graphic design trends for 2024.
Graphic design trends for 2024.

Welcoming 2024, we are all excited with what it has to offer. Let’s check out graphic design trends for 2024, that are predicted to rule the creative world. Artists everywhere, are you ready? Check out the trendiest styles, tools and technology that will ensure your rule the creative charts! Read on…

What’s new? These two words are enough to stir excitement. And boy, are we ready for this fresh splash of creative downpour that will paint the skies of 2024! Graphic design has held its high demand even in rocky global grounds. Amid the global turmoil and economy, creative design will be on the green side even in 2024.

In the recent years though, we agree that technology and AI had some bitter-sweet exchanges with graphic designers. But designers have only evolved to create wonderful art inspired by human imagination and infused and created by AI. They have accepted and created an inclusive process of design that leverages AI to their benefit.

Why does design need to evolve with trends?

Creative design is not about just a surface, that feels good to look at. It is way beyond just about pleasing the eye. Graphic design - particularly good design has immense potential. It has the ability to connect and communicate to the viewer. It can stir up emotions, inspire, and make people do more than just buy the product or service.

  • Trends rise with evolving technology. Graphic designers evolve their skills and styles to leverage this advancement in technology. This ensures that their projects and creations are aligned and compatible for all platforms ( latest) and technology.
  • Staying inspired by trends helps create design that is relevant and engaging, and technologically optimized for evolving design industry.
  • The designs you create connect and communicate better to an audience that is inspired by latest changes and trends. You can tune into their liking by being at par with the best trends in graphic design.
  • As consumer needs evolve, the directions to tune in and connect to them also change. Trends are formed based on the ever-changing consumer psychology and market interests. Thus, designs that follow these, have a higher chance of impact and success.


2024  - Graphic design trends -  

When looking at 2024 – adapt to excel with AI is the magic word! To rise through these shifts of AI and technology, designers will have to delve into new creative horizons and push their creative boundaries.

Predictions say 2024 is going to  be a wild year with constantly evolving trends in design. Amidst the uncertainty, graphic design will take a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

Below is what experts say will be the best and most sought-after design trends in graphic design in 2024.


  • Abstract gradients

Gradients have forever been a designers’ good friend. They easily amplify any surface with a progressive effect. Today in 2024, it stands above its humble position, to rise as a sought-after trend. Gradients bring in playfulness with their soft blends or vivid ripples. They elevate backgrounds with the simple yet stunning formations of color. Be it a warm and subtle spread or a popping step of colors, gradient will surely add that extra old-school-yet trendy zing in design this year.


  • Doodle art

Doodling away in 2024, we found this art of the human mind as-it-wanders as the hot trend this year. Doodles are hand drawn and that is precisely its biggest selling point. It brings a human touch, invokes warmth, and infuses design with trust; as people connect with it like one of their own. When doodling – the sky is the limit. Handcrafting shapes, emotions, expressions, imagination and other elements creates a friendly and more human appeal to design. Think combining doodles with minimalist designs for a modern effect. It can be the prime focus of the design or a supporting element in the background, these spontaneous illustrations of the mind have great potential. Get ready to embrace the free spirit and character of doodles for realistic, connecting and humanized design projects in 2024.


  • Reeded glass effect

Reeded glass effect diffuses light and enhances depth.  It creates fascinating effects and has been ruling the interior design scape for a long time. In 2024, welcome reeded glass effect in graphic design, as a hot trend. It adds elegance and helps in creating a unique artwork for many types of work including websites, UI, icons and more. It can be a part of your visual elements, typography, shapes, animations and photographs too. Easy to create –it also serves the purpose of subtle hypnotism to attract and boost retention.



  • Functional design 

It’s modern, its trendy – it is design that is utilitarian. Let’s simplify. Functional design is taking center stage yet again this year. With everything getting increasingly digital, like apps and websites – for everything, creating design that is simple and in its truest form is important. Easy to navigate, easy to understand and easy interface digital offerings are a huge success. Hence designers are focusing on creativity that is functional and utilitarian. Minimalism is a great way to get started. Keeping only useful elements, and clear and simple content creates trust. Cleaner lines, neat spaces and thoughtful color schemes and elements serve user expectations seamlessly, especially in digital offerings.


  • Artificial Intelligence

How can we not address the intelligent elephant in the room! Yes, talk about artificial intelligence - the bitter sweet friend of design that brings even the best of designers to debate whether it is here for them to help and improve or just another innovation that shrinks their demand and pushes great artists in a grey corner. But you know what, many across the globe have evolved to include AI in their design processes to create something better. AI inspired designing will be our ultimate wingman that will unleash high productivity and creativity.

AI brings reduces tediousness of tasks like brainstorming, palate selections, revisions, concept  creations, etc. AI has evolved to understand designers’ intent, so suggestions that AI will procure will be data driven, audience driven – elevating your creative flow. Remember after all these amazing at-the-push-of-a-button inputs are not the only reason designs are awesome. It is the human touch and vision that creates brilliant design. So let AI be your side-kick in 2024, expedite your work, create amazing work with AI for a rocking and creative 2024!



  • Heavy composition designs

Remember the innocence of white space in compositions? Well, while they are still the golden rule for great design, yet 2024 promises creative success on the heavier side of things. Experts suggest going heavy on compositions, using maximum space in design is going to be the trend for 2024. Detailed graphics in vibrant colors, including richly detailed, actions and elements in a design, will be more popular. Although there still will be rules to consider in heavy composition designs, like creating intelligent design that attracts attention and focus. Even with a composition heavy and complicated design, you can achieve balance among elements and create something amazing, that surpasses mere visual clutter and delivers excellence.


  • Nature inspired designs and hues / Sustainable design

Green is the new black in every field! It truly has reached remarkable places and graphic design is one of the industries it has evolved. Sustainability in design and using nature inspired hues, elements and styles in design is in demand for 2024.


We say this trend resonates with the increasing awareness of people for nature, mindfulness, getting back to roots, and practicing simplicity in everyday life. With consumer psychology taking shape towards growing awareness and sustainability, graphic design has picked up this calm and green inspo for 2024. Imagine green and earthy hues, warm yellows, textures inspired by nature, floral prints, hand drawn, elements, shapes, and a graphic design inspired by the natural and organic beauty all around. From conscious branding to websites – everything nature will surface as trending this year.


Not all design niches may be able to apply this style, but industries like medicine, food, beauty and the likes can leverage this trend greatly.


  • Barbie pink trends

Whoever thought the Barbie fever would recede after 2023; well, surprise, surprise! The Barbie pink has dolled its way up, into one of the top trends in graphic design in 2024. The iconic pink will dominate most designs and the unique style of the bestselling toy will continue to inspire. So, think pink in its barbie hues, vivid candy colors, and designs built on playful shapes. Feel drenched in Barbie-land already? Well, we’re just getting started!


  • Dots trend

Meet another modern and retro fusion trend of 2024. Creative

Industry will heartily embrace the dot trend this year. Mainly influencing typography, expect a lot of unique elements like backgrounds and images with half tone in dots. Creating minimalist designs with single color dots can be experimented with. It can be used in multiple ways to enhance the look and elevate the design to a modern, high-tech yet cool and clean look.


  • Pixel style

Get ready to ride in nostalgia and fun – using pixel art in design is just about to give artists a crazy ride! Pixel art is a nostalgic walk through of early graphics – the chunky bodied heroes and pixel forming designs of 90’s! In 2024 this art is making a comeback, so get ready to witness pixel inspired nostalgia in all design-scape. It is not just a retro style, it is an amazing example of how simplicity can create beautiful graphics, and that having limitations is sometimes a good tool than abundance when creating designs! Pixel style will create a charm that will inspire audiences across generations, which will be quite a relief from hyper realistic visuals that ruled contemporary design styles. Expect to see high quality modern graphics with the old 8-bit-pixel style.


  • 3D Typography and design

Bringing life to design – hyper realistic textures and quirky elements – 3D trends have been consistently increasing over last couple years. 2024 too promises 3D design to be reigning over

Fonts in 2024 will be all about experimenting typefaces, forget about clean and neat aligned fonts that only bring predictability. Fonts with funky tones, and edgy notes are in. Think typefaces that rule with animation, variable styling and illustrations. These fonts cannot be pinned to any font family. They will be fresh and playful, with dynamic energy. Best for brands that want to put a  pop show of vibrancy and personality into their communication through typography. Bold typography will also be the new energy in design. Many designers are adopting clear and bold typography, that makes their designs accessible. Highly contrasting color palettes, vibrant color popping hues, and readable huge fonts are making their way in 2024.


  • Mixed media

Adding human touch to design has been on the charts ever since AI and its magic started weaving graphics with higher level of finesse and thought. Including this human touch with hand drawn elements and rendering brings back the old human made charm. Design styles in 2024 will be more about blending typography, illustrations and textures, to create unique compositions that impress. Mixed media - with its raw, authentic and blended edge will impress viewers in this year.


  • Vibrant hues and color pops

Get ready for a design revolution! Designers are jumping on the trend of vibrant colors, creating eye-catching designs with neon’s, bold saturations, and cool gradients. It's not just about looks; it's a whole movement sparking excitement. In 2024, expect every design to stand out, as designers weave the magic of lively colors into their creations. It's a visual landscape that's dynamic and unforgettable, bringing a wave of creativity to the forefront.




Dive into these trends as you start your next project. We recommend researching on your niche and then carefully choosing any trend that will be best for your project. Although these trends are predicted and measured by experts, yet artist intuition, thought, brand industry, audience, geography, consumer psychology and many more aspects need to be weighed in when choosing any particular style for graphic design. So, get experimenting, push boundaries and yes, make AI your friend in the whole process. Trends in graphic design for 2024 will help you create leading designs that make an impression!





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