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Ultimate Guide to Instagram Posting
The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Posting for Small Businesses

Over one billion people use Instagram every month, and 90% of them follow at least one business. So whether you’re a big, small or medium enterprise, using Instagram for your business is a no-brainer in 2022. In the last decade, Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing platform to a hub of business activity. For small businesses, Instagram helps level the playing field and compete with their larger counterparts. According to Instagram’s study, 81% of users said Instagram helps to research products and services, allowing businesses to be present and available! 

Once you decide to use Instagram for business, the next question arises, what kind of posts should you indulge in? If you’re managing your account in-house, you’ll need to do a lot of research, planning and strategic thinking to ensure you make the most of Instagram marketing. So we bring you the top tips to help your Instagram posting schedules:

1. Post Lovable Content 

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s essential to post the right content at the right times. Write persuasive captions that tell a story and build empathy, community or trust. Ensure you develop a clear brand voice across all your posts to stay consistent. Your content should encourage users to click the love button and engage with your posts. As a small business, you can take followers behind the scenes in your workspace, add an inspirational quote, get creative and post a variety of compelling content at least thrice a week.

2. Upload Sharable Pictures 

Instagram is all about visuals, so as a brand, you must be able to have a recognisable visual identity. You can focus on a grid-based feed, a colour theme, or opt for thumb-stopping pictures. To make Instagram work for your business, you simply need great photos. And you can do this simply with your smartphone, without expensive equipment. Use natural light, embrace the rule of the thirds, try different angles and look for more contrast in your pictures. 

3. Add Likable Stories 

More than 500 million people see Instagram stories every day. To put it in perspective, Twitter has just 192 million daily users. You can tell different brand stories that have a beginning, middle and end with the story feature. Use stickers, contents, quizzes, etc., for your stories to boost engagement. Plus, if you have 10,000 or more Instagram followers, you can add a link to your website! Stories are great for adding discount sales and coupons, giveaway post details, tips and tricks, customer testimonials and new product releases. Brands can effectively use Instagram stories to engage followers and make lasting impressions. 

4. Create Laughable Memes 

We all love memes – they are hilarious and keep us ROFLing. You don’t need a big team to manage your Instagram as a small business. You just need a good sense of humour and some strategic thinking. By adding a relatable meme that connects with your customer's pain points or current situation, you become a part of their day, and they will remember your brand and associate it with the meme. Convey a relatable sentiment with your audience through memes and watch them go viral! 

5. Make Memorable Reels 

Reels have become Instagram’s fastest-growing worldwide feature, and for a good reason. The short videos capture attention and instantly engage viewers. As a brand, you can use a trending reel to post about your best-selling product, do an online store walkthrough or talk about a social cause you care about. Reels are also super useful for new product releases and customer testimonials. With the right hashtags and music, it can go viral and reach a much larger audience. 

There are many things businesses can do with Instagram marketing. Here are a few more tips for small businesses to make it big:

  • Optimise your link in the bio and add ‘link in bio’ posts to serve as a landing page for your most essential products and services
  • Geotag your posts as it helps you reach potential customers who are researching your business in the area 
  • Use the save post feature to store inspirations of captions, photos or ideas that you have liked
  • Use highlights to promote what your business is about, as it helps new customers instantly find relevant information 
  • Create guides for products or services that may need some assistance 
  • Use Instagram Live to connect with customers on a personal level
  • Host a giveaway as often as you can 
  • Offer promotions for ‘followers only’
  • Track your analytics and make necessary improvements

Many Instagram marketing tactics can help you scale your business and leverage the digital platform to your advantage. At SenseBite, we offer Instagram marketing solutions for big and small businesses at cost-effective prices. Backed by a strategic approach and creative ideas, we can make Instagram work for you!

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