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Importance of organic social media
Importance of organic social media

Welcome to the digital age where social media is a must for success. But success is not just about paid ads in social media. In this blog, we explore the importance of organic social media. Discover how it can transform your brand, build genuine connections.

Understanding Organic social media…

Posting content on any social media platform using means and tools that are not sponsored or are free for public use, is organic social media. Whatever you choose to post, be it a video, story or photo, your posting will be visible to only your followers or accounts targeted by algorithms.

All businesses who have their social media accounts have a dashboard – just like a standard non business user, to post, engage and interact with the audience. The only difference is businesses will have tools to measure the performance of their social media postings, along with options for paid postings.

Paid social media sure has better chances with marketing goals, but organic social media too has its own merits and importance. It can definitely benefit your business in more ways.

The difference between organic and paid…

Any strategy has one common goal, be it any business, social media is highly leveraged by business to generate leads. However paid and organic posts work differently.

Organic is when content is aimed for engaging and building followers and encouraging communication through tools and resources that are free. In terms of paid social media, like the name suggests – it is content on social media which is paid for, like sponsored ads and posts that reach audience beyond just followers.

Paid social has objectives aimed for value and measure, while organic is more about awareness and visibility and less focused on driving cold sales. Accordingly, the content for these two also varies. They are aimed for different purposes hence the crux of the content changes with organic and paid.

Is organic social media for you?

It all comes down to the age old saying that one size does not fit all. Depending on your business, brand, marketing goals and platform that you choose, etc. Organic social media gives best results in case where businesses had a set or established social media following. When it comes to diverting your strategy to attract a new genre or entirely different audience.

Why is organic social media important?

Paid social media may have an immediate and measurable result, but organic social media has its benefits too. It helps your brand reach loyal consumers for free. It also helps you scale your audience by sharing and reposting. We have listed the many benefits you can leverage from organic social media. Read on…

  • Communicating your brand values
    Each platform offers unique strengths that can be leveraged effectively. Through visual content on Facebook and Instagram, brand language on Twitter, or attracting crowds with recipes and DIYs on Pinterest, you can establish and enhance your brand visibility. Leverage these platforms to create an authentic brand persona and foster meaningful connections with your customers. This will help build loyal following and customers. With customer loyalty your sales numbers will also get a boost.

  • Nourishing influencer relationships
    Social media is a powerful tool for brands to connect and collaborate with influencers. It offers a natural way to engage with them through likes, follows, and interactions. Once relationships are established, influencers can create compelling content that represents your brand, sharing it with their large networks. This amplifies your brand's reach and helps build connections with potential customers. Social media is the key to nurturing these valuable partnerships and driving brand growth.

  • Enhancing validity
    Organic social media is key when it comes to building a string and positive image of your brand. When you constantly post engaging content and communicate with your viewers for their concerns, you are establishing a credible streak of faith and trust. If you lack organic strategies to support your brand when customer visits your page after a paid ad, your brand is likely to struggle with gaining followers and engagement. Without an organic social media strategy, a business many not be able to retain, and attract user interest.

  • Increasing search engine ranking and drive traffic… 
    Making smart content that revolves around your brand with insightful content, thoughtful conversations and topics in your social media strategy will determine where your business stands on the search page for Google. With quality content and SEO friendly postings, blogs and more, social media imparts a nourishing space to generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

  • Attracting the right talent…
    Social media isn't just for consumers. Job seekers use it to learn about potential employers. If you have a weak or nonexistent social media presence, it can discourage job seekers and raise questions. To attract top talent, use social media to showcase your company's strengths and show that you're invested in your digital presence. It's a smart choice to leverage social media to make a positive impression on job seekers and stand out in the job market.

  • Customer insight and conversions 
    Social apps will generally give you a standard review of the location, gender, age, and demographic of your followers. Reviewing these will help you generate your next big marketing strategy. Create content that engages your followers the most retains and strengthens your brand association with the audience. With a striking engagement and intriguing posts, you create more opportunities for user to convert into a potential buyer. Almost half the users of social media have made a purchase after seeing a brand video. You can create more conversions with smart content.

  • Cost effective… 
    As goes with the name, organic social media is a cost-effective option for your marketing strategy. No matter what the business size or niche, you can begin organic posting with a modest marketing budget. When it comes to grabbing viewer interest, it all boils down to the quality of content you put on there. No amount of budget can beat a strikingly impressive idea, clear communication and appealing aesthetic. You don’t have to worry about marketing budget consistency, with organic options, you can easily connect with your right audience with smart content. Communicating with them, engaging and creating a strong bond will help your brand stay in their mind for long.

Are your ready for organic social media?

Organic social media is a game-changer for businesses. It empowers brands to establish real connections with their audience by delivering authentic content and fostering a sense of community. By nurturing genuine engagement and showcasing your brand's unique personality, organic social media can build brand loyalty and drive meaningful interactions!

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