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How you can make a career in creative studio
How you can make a career in creative studio

Advertising as a career has evolved as the nucleus of growth strategies for brands. With technology and innovation this field has expanded. It has evolved with the rapidly evolving economy too. It now stands as a promising career option.

An ad agency is a business organization that helps brands reach their business goals with marketing and communication. They can come in different forms like traditional, social media services or full-service design studios.

From creative visualization, illustration, motion graphics to graphic design and copy writing, creative studios and advertising agencies are a platform to nourish your talent, skills and creative potential.

Prepare ahead –

The millennial generation is always a step ahead. Not kidding – kids know what they are going to pursue pretty early on, which by the way we think is a positive. So, if you feel you love advertising and all things creative, start early, streamline your education and skills for pursuing arts and advertising sooner.

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Choose an education in arts or communication. There are many institutes that offer degree courses related to this field.

Consider that it is never too late to train or take formal education even post college. You can choose to study in the many forms like graphics, animation, multimedia, journalism, arts, and more. Post the elaborate courses or while on them, look up for skill enhancing tools. There are many online and offline courses with all the technical knowledge and training you will need to upgrade your qualification.

Even if you are working in a different field and wish to pursue a career in advertising – you can still enroll for distant learning or weekend classes to follow your dream.

What you must be –

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An artist is born, and seldom made. You need to have the flair for creativity. A keen eye for uniqueness, and a mind that creates spark. If you have natural passion for unique ideas and are a peoples person, this career field is for you. There are no short cuts to mastering this art. You need hard work, dedication and a strong sense of analysis, observation, innovative thinking, adaptation and execution.

  • Most agencies require a formal diploma or bachelor’s degree in the concerned specialty for positions in this field.
  • You must be a team player. Advertising demands a lot of communication and social interactions, with different people. Your communication should be top notch.
  • A good mind that churns amazing copywriting, is a boon for creating campaigns, ad copy, and much more.
  • Listening is another important skill. It helps you understand exactly what the client has in mind and bring their requirements to life with creative design.
  • Stay updated with the latest technology and trends.
  • Multi-task and time management. Learn the tricks of the trade, and handle pressure of deadlines and tight schedules.
  • Keep your mind open to healthy criticism and competition.

How else can you prepare –

  • Observe and explore. Develop a strong knowledge of theories and strategies. Follow magazines, newspapers, and social media is the best tool to join communities and groups for learning trends and gaining knowledge.

Master your social media skills. Create websites, blogs and accounts that interest you. Leverage the social media tools to gain followers, create communities and enhance your website and boost traffic. You can document your journey to make a valuable addition to your portfolio.

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  • Check for opportunities in school or college that help you gain experience. Like look for contributions and roles in school or college papers, magazines or yearbooks.
  • If you have the basic education, check for summer roles or internships with local advertising agencies or media firms. Although most internships are unpaid, they can be coupled with another paying part- time job. Internships provide ample exposure and experience that prepare you with a strong learning foundation for your dream career path. They give you a competitive edge.
  • Freelancing is also another great way to kick start and reach your career goal or dream.
  • Follow people who inspire you. Who already have the job of your dreams or the startup you wish. Know the career journey of inspiring names, and professionals who can guide you.

Agency roles and responsibilities –

We can say the agency has 2 segments – the executive and the creative.

Executive department includes client servicing managers, account and finance, marketing, and research. They are the front line and take care of clients, roping in good projects and nourishing the company.

Creative segment includes visualizers, graphic designers, script and copy writers, animators, media specialists, photographers and so on.

How to grow in a creative agency –

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In a right atmosphere slow yet healthy growth is good too. Many opportunities will come through your career, but making the right decision at the right time is important. It will take time to build a stunning portfolio and reputation. But as long as you start and not stop, you will get there. Here is how you can navigate through to grow in a creative agency.

  1. Once you get a degree, it will boost your chances of landing in a good agency.
  2. Build a strong portfolio. As discussed above, if you start building a portfolio early on, it will definitely benefit. But as you join any agency, start building a portfolio with your work. There also are many online platforms that help you share your work (if permitted by the agency and client). This way your garner followers, and work towards creating your own spotlight.
  3. Demonstrate your skills to prove your capacities. Evolve with trends and time. Keep yourself updated. Develop strong communication skills. This filed requires a strong rapport and communication with multiple departments, and honest and open exchange of information develops smoother and more successful work processes.
  4. Don’t settle at your current role and responsibilities. For example, if you’re are a graphic designer, upgrade your knowledge and skills in your specialization. Join courses that upskill your talent. Learn the latest software and other tools that help you stay at par with evolving trends.
  5. Take initiative. Getting too comfortable in one kind of project does very little for keeping the creative spark burning. Go ahead for new challenges, something that truly tests your capacities. Express your intent to take on new projects, with a fresh category that can add variance to your portfolio and experience.
  6. Offer solutions. Most jobs in creative fields demand creative problem solving and critical thinking. Fuel your innovative spark to offer efficient and unique solutions, even in time constraints. Take initiative in problem solving.
  7. People should see the things that are your best of work. It is good for your career, that opens better growth in your current agency as well as it improves the prospects for your growth. Seek fame and recognition. In a healthy proportion these help you develop a reputation. It propels you to work harder and look deeper for opportunities. These small steps bring you closer to building a promising career.
  8. Build a strong network. Look for opportunities to meet with people working in this industry. Like they say in a creative and competitive field it is not only about what you know, but who you know.

Lastly, it all boils down to being passionate. A creative filed requires dedication, and more often work times stretch beyond the set 9 to 5 routine. You are a brand by yourself in this field. Knowing your strength and your capacities - you can present yourself and worth in any creative agency. When you can relate to yourself as a brand, you can relate to your company’s brand too. You can grow faster and reach higher goals when you reflect the company’s value in every step.

So, if your true calling really is a career in advertising, go for this amazing spectrum of opportunity that has the power to touch lives, change perceptions, make a difference and change the world!

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