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How to Create a Brand Name For your Business

Naming your business is similar to naming your baby. You do a lot of research, take guidance from friends and family, and keep trying different names until you find something that clicks and resonates! Of course, many additional factors are involved in developing a brand name as it will be something thousands, millions, or billions of customers will use every day. That's why business owners look for a unique business brand name that perfectly showcases their products/services or aspirations.

What Makes a Good Brand Name?

Different names bring about different reactions. For example, one study found that consumers positively respond to names with a repetitive structure – for instance, Coca-Cola, Kit Kat or Jelly Belly! However, there are some common traits of good brand name ideas, and they include:

  • Meaningful – Cultivates a positive connection and communicates the brand essence.
  • Distinctive – Unique from your competitors and memorable.
  • Accessible – Easy to interpret, say and spell on Google.
  • Protectable – Should be able to get the domain online and own it legally.
  • Future-Proof – Can be adapted to brand extensions and grows with the company. 
  • Visual – Easy to translate and communicate through design, icons, colours, logos, etc.

Worried about how to choose a brand name identity in today's highly competitive and digital marketplace? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Think of the Purpose

Your brand's vision, mission and why statements are essential to derive the right brand name. When you start the thought process, leave room for flexibility to encompass plans of brand stretching or growth in other sectors. The purpose of your brand name and business is essential to develop a brand name that clicks.

2. Play Around with Word Personalities

When thinking of brand name ideas, consider unique aspects like the founders' name. For instance, Adolph Dassler combined his pet name Adi with the first three letters of his surname to create Adidas. Adding creative alchemy with uncommon words also helps develop new brand name ideas. Using exclamation marks – Yahoo! or short forms eBay also works great when you want to establish your brand name strategy.

3. Always Remember, Less is More 

When you're trying to develop a brand name, be like Twitter – short and sweet, and not like LinkedIn, where you can write long stories! If a memorable brand name is essential to you, it should be ideally two or three syllables, a maximum of four. While brands are born with short names like Coca-Cola, Red Bull or Accenture, others have realized the value of a short name and created acronyms like CAT, BMW, TESCO, KFC, ET, etc. 

4. Plan the Registration and Trademark Process

When you come up with some shortlisted options for the brand name identity, it's essential to check if the name is available for trademark or registration. If your name is too ordinary or too simple, the chances are that it's already taken. Therefore, you should be able to protect your brand name for a secure future.

5. Respect Language 

Whether you're a local brand or a global business, it's essential to respect the language you choose the name in and check if it means anything particular in other languages. For instance, Irish Mist liqueur didn't check up in Germany because Mist stands for dung in German – wouldn't want to eat or drink that, right!? 

With Google Translate, you can look up the meaning of the names you've shortlisted before finalizing it.

6. Bring the Names to Life

Whenever you're shortlisting names and can't decide, the best way forward is to create a brand name logo for all the names and then pick the final one. A visual representation works 1000 times better than writing the name on a Word Document. It also tells your brand name story creatively and helps you visualize your brand name identity for the future.

Don't forget to ask for feedback on your shortlisted names and brand name logos from your well-wishes before you finalize the name!

If you're looking for a unique business brand name and need some support or guidance, SenseBite has a team of nomenclature experts who can help. We also have an exceptional team of visualizers and graphic designers who specialize in creating a brand name logo and can develop identities that perfectly tell your brand name story.

Ready to start brainstorming on brand name ideas? We're all set for some out of the box thinking!

"When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable."

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