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Facebook and Instagram Ad Investments
Best Strategies to Maximize your Facebook and Instagram Ad Investments

While organic social media reach is excellent, it can limit your exposure to prospective customers. With Facebook and Instagram advertising, you have an opportunity to target your ideal audiences perfectly and ensure that your brand gets maximum visibility. When you combine paid campaigns with organic activity, your brand will witness better reach, engagement, and communication with the right demographic for optimum performance of ads. Even though Instagram and Facebook advertising can be competitive, the right strategy and execution can help you get maximum ROI from your spending.

All About Facebook Advertising

Did you know that Facebook is the preferred platform for 97% of marketers to run paid ads? This is because the social network boasts an enormous user base and the highest engagements. Also, Facebook has in-depth ad targeting, enabling your brand to increase awareness, consideration, and conversions. Here are a few strategies to help you gain the best results from Facebook ads:

1. Define your Facebook Advertising Target Audiences

Businesses now have the ability to define their audiences based on specific parameters like location, age, interests, demographic, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and more. 

2. Pick the Right Type of Facebook Ads

Define your goal for the advertisement – whether you want to increase brand awareness, encourage conversations amongst target customers or convince customers to buy the product/service. You can choose from the carousel, video, and story ads to perfectly align with your goals.

3. Choose the Right Creative for your Ads

Remember, Facebook is also a visual medium, so you need attractive creatives and sleek product photos to make an impression. As per consumers, the most engaging social ad content entertains them, followed by those that provide Facebook offers. So use videos, define compelling CTAs, and go big on promotions and discounts!

4. Testing your Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’ve just started with Facebook ads, remember there’s a learning curve involved. That’s why testing the waters with small campaigns is recommended before you invest large budgets on the platform. Use budget optimization to control your expenses and track your campaigns correctly.

All About Instagram Advertising

Instagram has over 2 billion users and is often the go-to platform for marketers to showcase their products or services. Businesses can boost awareness, acquire new customers, showcase new product launches and generate revenue on Instagram. But, many brands often wonder what Instagram has to offer that will help them expand their digital marketing. It brings you exceptional reach, engagement, traffic, and demographic targeting. Here are a few strategies to help you get maximum returns from your Instagram ads:

1. Optimize your Instagram Profile

Make sure you have an interesting bio, a call to action, a high-quality profile photo and story highlights with well-designed covers in your professional profile.

2. Set SMART Goals

Your goals should clearly define what you expect from Instagram – lead generation, brand awareness, recruitment, product sales, or anything else. Then, make sure your team and digital marketing partners know these goals.

3. Upgrade your Visual Game

Remember, Instagram is a highly visual medium and runs mainly on premium photographs. Your graphics should be on-point regardless of what you’re selling or showcasing. You can work with a creative agency to help you promote yourself in the best possible light. Don’t forget to experiment with reels!

4. Develop your Brand Voice and Aesthetic

The only way to stand out in a cluttered social media network is to develop your unique brand voice and visual aesthetic. Have a style in the design and content and maintain it throughout all communication.

Comparing Instagram and Facebook Ads

The best way to get optimum reach is to share your ads on both platforms. For example, you can get an opportunity to enjoy 25% more reach by running your ads on Facebook and Instagram. While brand managers choose Instagram for better engagement and Facebook for higher visibility, you can get both together. Similarly, many brands prefer Instagram to reach a younger audience and Facebook for distributing information, but why not do both?

At SenseBite, we specialize in Facebook and Instagram ads and can support your efforts to boost audience reach and optimize your organic efforts within the platform. We help you select the proper ad format, complete the audience consideration stage, and bring in our campaign management resources – from strategizing to executing and reporting.

Want to witness incredible growth in your sales and brand awareness? Start advertising on Facebook and Instagram with SenseBite; contact us for more details today!

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