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Brand Growth
Brand Growth ďż˝ an insight to grow your business using social media.

Every business needs a promising strategy. No matter how good the product or service, it needs to reach the audience in the right way. Gone are the days of conventional word of mouth marketing. This is the ear of millennials and generation Z. So, if you have a business small or big, startup or established, there is one marketing channel that can make a difference in leaps and bounds.

Welcome to the world of social media! It has evolved the way business work across the world. There is a plethora of social media platforms that one can use. However, the most powerful tool for marketing needs to be used responsibly.

Social media has tremendous potential for marketing your products and service, and although it may look complicated, but in reality, it is very easy to learn. Once you dive deep in the game, you can easily figure out tips and tricks to leverage social media platforms to market your business. It is an inexpensive tool, and can deliver excellent results even within small budgets. If you want to get a competitive edge, your business needs to be online too!

For new business owners, deciding and designing a social media strategy can be a daunting task. But with these insights to grow your business using social media, you could ace your business game!

Why social media?

According to research – the number of social media users has doubled since 2017. It is now 4.2 billion active users out there spending roughly 2.25 hours every day on social media.

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It is not about having a big budget. Small business can benefit from this with better reach and results. Approximately 71% of small and medium businesses use social media and almost 52% actively post on them each day.

You can reach potential customers. Marketing is about reaching people at the right place and right time. The perfect product too will not bring any business if people don’t know you.

Social media is a powerful tool to create and increase brand awareness. A strong strategy and unique content will attract people, increase your reach and conversions.

Get in line with your competitors. With almost all of them online you get a better scope to design a strategy that delivers beyond your competition in the market.

You can create content that appeals to the audience. You can know their behaviors, patterns, apart from just demographics.

It has become the platform to aim for bigger goals. Social media gives a promising opportunity to compete and level with big businesses.

You can build value through building strong relationships with your audience. Nurture your connections to expand and boost business.

Tips to get started –

Here’s what you need to know, if you are a business owner looking to leverage social media to grow your business.

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  1. Get your research to kickstart your journey on social media.
    It is important to get your – behind the scenes, or basically your homework right before you sign up for any platform. So, start with defining your target audience. Look into your market research, to find your viewer demographic. Once this is done, you will need to analyze which social media network is best suited for your audience.

  2. Choose a platform according to your audience. For example, if you want to connect to more businesses (b2b), LinkedIn will be a suitable option. If you have a business that caters to young adults and adults, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are promising choices. Don’t get stuck on choosing only one platform. You can use multiple social media channels to connect to different audiences and reach you specific business goals.

  3. Define clear goals and KPI’s. To make the most of social media use SMART goal strategy – to meet your goals.

SMART goals strategy explained –

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  • Specific – Define your goals precisely – what you wish to achieve. Having clear goals, you can save on time and effort.

  • Measurable- It is important to know if you have reached your set goals. Measure your goals to identify your progress and whether or not your strategy is working in the right direction.

  • Achievable- Keep realistic goals. For a new business you must understand and measure if your goals are achievable or not withing your resources.

  • Relevant – Make sure the goals you set are relatable and in line with your business, and that they make a difference to the end result.

  • Timely- Without a timeframe any goal and effort would be irrelevant. Commit to a stipulated amount of time, set deadlines to reach your goals and keep yourself accountable.

These goals will help set a direction for you in the beginning. You can then explore the many options as you move ahead with your business goals.

Tips for social media marketing for your business-

  • Choose not one but multiple platforms. Although it is advised to choose a platform most relevant to your business goals and audience, you can expand your outreach and opportunities using multiple platforms. Your social media strategy can work wonders when dispersed across multiple accounts and platforms, and is cross promoted across these.

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  • Check out the pros and cons of each platform. Research for the best strategy to use in each platform.

  • Time your content posting. Make a promising content posting schedule, that enables you for consistent posting. Choose to post relevant content at timed intervals or as trends take shape real time. It will help your business to look reliable. It will also help you share your knowledge in a timely manner – which reinforces to the audience that you care and make efforts for engagement.

  • When you plan your postings, make sure you focus on quality rather than quantity. Keep your postings clean, honest and withing a quality mark. If you are posting multiple times a day, but with low quality posts – some sites will mark your account as spam too!

  • Create a social media strategy that works for your business. Develop a unique strategy. Curate content that makes the audience come back, and hit that follow button. People come to your page, when they can learn and when the content is interesting to them.

  • Consistent posting can lead you dry in terms of content options. Learn to be creative and mix up your content with different formats. Choose from static, video, animations, audio and more to keep your page from being monotonous.

  • Define a clear and strong call to action (CTA) in all of your content and posts. Define these from the perspective of the person visiting your website.

  • Communicate and engage with your followers. Be prompt in any form of communications like comments, questions and the likes. Interacting with followers builds brand value through experience. Expand your reach, increase brand awareness are some of the benefits of interacting with your audience.

  • Going live is another way to interact with your audience. You can do so on multiple social media platforms. Find which platform your audience spends the most time. Keep it interesting – not everyone will like a live content. Choose webinars, tutorials, question and answers and other events to make it successful.

  • Social media has the power to influence your search engine ranking. Most users first check your social media profile before heading to your website. A strong media presence will increase traffic to your websites.

  • Use keywords to drive traffic. Optimize your accounts with keywords related to your product or service. Use them in your content.

  • Stay in tune with the current trends. Check out what’s happening in the field relevant to your business. Read blogs, check out new technology, innovation and more. Attend seminars, webinars and groups to enhance your knowledge, so as to stay at par with market trends and consumer expectations.

  • Advertising on social media is another cost-effective way to boost conversions and drive traffic to your business. Ads will help you reach wider audience. Target your ads based on location, interests and demographic. There are effective analytic tools that help you keep a track on increase in visits after clicking on ads.

  • In all of your communication and marketing collaterals – use social media icons and account details. It is an effective way to get people curious and follow your social media page, increasing the scope of conversions and leads.

  • Collaborate with influencers. Whether you are looking for reaching out with your business in fashion, food or machinery and more, influencers in every field can help you reach out and attract more consumers. Find out which ones will help you reach your goals effectively. The best way to do this is being active on their accounts – liking and commenting on their posts, which makes you a familiar name on their list. With healthy engagement you can build a healthy rapport with influencers.

  • Competitions and giveaways are a promising way to boost engagement on social media. This is advisable only after you reach a certain established status on platforms. Running this too early may create doubts in consumers mind, if your company is legit, or is it one on the scam list. Wait until you get a healthy number of followers, to help you spread the word. Use hashtags and other tools like Rafflecoptor to fire up engagement and sharing on social media.

  • Leverage ads and tools. Social media has apt information about user likes and more. Use them and build your strategies around these.

What not to do –

  • Excessive of anything seldom does any good. Do not over post excessively. Keep your postings limited to a healthy number aligned with your target goals, audience and product. Excessive posting ore often leads reversed outcome.

  • Do not overshare. Keep your boundaries defined and clear. Keep away from sharing data that is not related to your business.

  • As discussed above, you need to check which social media platform is perfect for your business. Do not sign up for every platform. With a limited social media account – focus on quality of your marketing effort.

  • Avoid spammers to maintain your safety and security on social media. Many spamming networks may post negative comments, or links to phishing sites. It is best to block them.

With the above, we hope your social media journey will get a healthy start. At Sensebite, we have full spectrum of social media marketing solutions. Get personalized strategies, insights and services for your business growth. Visit us @ sensebite.in or come say hello. We’ll be happy to help you!

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